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As a firearms instructor focusing on the use of firearms for concealed carry and home protection, I have found a very useful piece of equipment.

The Holstarr Rack for home use. Any person who keeps a handgun at the bedside has usually just set the gun on a night stand near the bed. The gun not being secured or always set in the same spot can make accessing the gun problematic.

Imagine you have just been awakened from a sound sleep by that "bump in the night" Initially your are disoriented and somewhat startled. You have now decided to grab your handgun. In the dark, still a little groggy, you reach for the night stand and bump your gun sending it sliding off onto the floor! Now the search begins, trying to find the gun, precious seconds are ticking by where a firearm may be needed and you are searching for yours!

The Holstarr Rack placed on the bedside provides a solid, easily accessible platform for mounting a holster for your handgun. Additionally a flashlight/pepper spray/taser or spare magazine can be mounted next to the gun.

The Holstarr provides a secure, consistent mount for the handgun at the bedside. My wife and I each have a Holstarr Rack with flashlight mounted on our bedside. We have practiced the draw from the bedside and it is as easy as drawing from a waist mounted holster.

You can select the holster of your choice. The mounting bars of the Holstarr will accommodate nearly any holster you select and hold it securely. We highly recommend the Holstarr to all of our students who are serious about personal protection with a firearm inside the home.

Vince and Christie
Valley Defense Consulting Inc.
Modesto, CA.